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Madison Parker - Bottoms Up (2009) WEBRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 23-07-2016, 08:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 11 | Сиды: 2 | Размер: 652.44 Mb

Название: Bottoms Up
Жанр: Gonzo, Anal, Double Penetration, Barely Legal, Oral, Blowjob
В ролях: Madison Parker, James Brossman, Zenza Raggi
Продолжительность: 00:37:59

Описание: Madison came back for some more Euro Sex Party action. James and Zenza were there to be a part of the festivities. No time was wasted as Madison got naked and started to take turns sucking on both cocks. After that warm up, she showed off her perky natural boobs and big round ass. Then the fucking started. Tons of sex positions with some anal and even some double penetration. Great stuff here. I love this game. Enjoy.
Мощный анал после купания / Stella Cox (Stacked Anal Hottie) (2016) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 23-07-2016, 04:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 22 | Сиды: 0 | Размер: 346.81 Mb

Название: Stacked Anal Hottie
Жанр: All Sex, Oral, Anal, BigTits
В ролях: Stella Cox
Продолжительность: 00:36:08

Описание: Stella Cox's insane body comes stacked with double D natural breasts and an amazing hip to waist ratio. Stella has one of the hottest bodies in the business and Manuel intensely fucks every hole, especially her ass! This scene includes tons of tit play, face smothering and tit fucking. Do not miss this latest hard X update.
Aletta Ocean - Отель Где Разрывают Попы / Private Gold 122 - Assbreak Hotel Part 1 (2011) DVDRip-AVC
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 23-07-2016, 04:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 11 | Сиды: 0 | Размер: 416.3 Mb

Название: Сцена из "Отель Где Разрывают Попы / Private Gold 122 - Assbreak Hotel Part 1"
Жанр: Gonzo, Anal, Big Tits, Facial, Oral, Blowjob, Cumshots
В ролях: Aletta Ocean, Marcio Gonzales
Продолжительность: 00:23:12

Описание: Gillian allows her "pet" MARCIO GONZALES to have a taste of ALETTA OCEAN as he joins her in a super wide bed with white sheets that all looks great diagonally in over head shots. Aletta lands in a bunch of anal positions in the best, least claustrophobic encounter on the DVD. The duo have room to at least stretch out a bit and fuck---!!!!
Anal Training of Irina Pavlova (2013) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 23-07-2016, 00:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 22 | Сиды: 3 | Размер: 319.88 Mb

Название: Anal Training of Irina Pavlova
Жанр: Gonzo, Anal, Barely Legal, Toys, Facial, Oral, Blowjob, Russian Girls
В ролях: Irina Pavlova (as Emma, Alice, Alina Moon, Anna Shine, Aria, Ariadna)
Продолжительность: 00:42:40

Описание: Destroying lovely teenage asses is one of the favorite pass-time for Yura. His current 'partner in crime', a bratty teen called Irina, shares his enthusiasm toward anal sex, which makes them a perfect couple in bed. So as it happens, Irina gets her butthole bombed into a big, dark hole and Yura gifts her devotion with his semen.
Lexi Diamond - Подростки В Тугих Джинсах / Teens In Tight Jeans (2011) DVDRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 23-07-2016, 00:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 23 | Сиды: 3 | Размер: 473.72 Mb

Название: Сцена из "Подростки В Тугих Джинсах / Teens In Tight Jeans"
Жанр: Gonzo, Barely Legal, Oral, Blowjob, Creampie
В ролях: Lexi Diamond, Manuel Ferrara
Продолжительность: 00:23:28

Описание: Lexi is walking along the beach in a tight red top and her tits showing off nicely, tight jeans and spiked boots. That’s a nice look. She shows off her ass and poses on the sand. Mick and Manuel Ferrara are having a conversation when Lexi interrupts them. Mick checks out her ass and Lexi kneels on the couch and juts her ass out. Manuel tells her that Mick is starting a company where women in tight jeans suck cock and Lexi is all for it. She knels in front of Manu and starts servicing him. Lexi does a nice job and handles his cock superbly. Lexi gets banged in spoon, reverse cowgirl, doggie and side saddle. Manuel tries to stick a digit in Lexi’s ass and she quickly takes his hand away. LOL. Lexi stands up against a wall and presents a target for Manuel to aim at. He fires his load all over her ass and Lexi pulls her jeans up and down to show it off.
P.J. Sparxx & Raven - Женская эротичность / Les Femmes Erotiques (1993) DVDRip-AVC
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 22-07-2016, 20:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 18 | Сиды: 0 | Размер: 325.83 Mb

Название: Сцена из "Женская эротичность / Les Femmes Erotiques"
Жанр: Gonzo, Threesomes, Cunnilingus, Oral, Blowjob, Cumshots
В ролях: P.J. Sparxx (as P.J. Kerrington), Raven (as Raven St. James), Marc Wallice
Продолжительность: 00:11:38

Описание: Marc Wallice is there, lounging on a leather couch. PJ Sparxx descends a staircase, lowers her lovely head to his groin, and delivers a slow but sensual blowjob. Then she mounts his pole in reverse cowgirl and goes for a little ride, just in time for Raven to join them. She sits and watches for a while, fondling herself, before providing another blowjob herself and taking it from behind. The woman who is certainly in the running for XXX's hottest performer ever, P.J. Sparxx.
Президент и его секретарша / Eva Karera (ZZ Erection 2016: Part 3) (2016) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 22-07-2016, 16:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 34 | Сиды: 2 | Размер: 245.71 Mb

Название: ZZ Erection 2016: Part 3
Жанр: All Sex, Oral, Anal, BigTits
В ролях: Eva Karera
Продолжительность: 00:30:38

Описание: In part 3 of ZZ Erection series we meet former president "Big" Bill Clayton. It seems that watching all the fucking and sucking going on with his fellow politicos has made Slick Willie on horny fella. Luckily for him, nobody sucks a dick like The Donald's wife Melonia, who just happens to be on hand with her wet Euro pussy.
Misha Cross - Full Throttle Fucking (2016) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 22-07-2016, 16:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 26 | Сиды: 5 | Размер: 585.46 Mb

Название: Full Throttle Fucking - An Angry Girlfriend’s Anal Awakening
Жанр: Threesome, Anal, Double Penetration, Blowjob, Deep Throat, Facial, Cumshot, Hardcore
В ролях: Misha Cross
Продолжительность: 00:41:22

Описание: Are you ready for some full throttle fucking? Get ready for an angry girlfriend’s anal awakening in this Full HD firework of hardcore anal sex by DDF Network! When Misha Cross comes home, she finds a mess on the table and gets quite upset about her boyfriend Tarzan aka Tomas. He calms her down by touching her crotch and kissing her gently. This helps! It’s like an instant anger remover! The brunette babe’s box gets wet immediately and within seconds she starts giving him a blowjob while massaging Steve Q’s boner in his pants. The MMF hardcore XXX scene heats up once she starts sucking both cocks and giving both lads a handjob. After some multidick sucking, Misha gets banged in standing sex position by Steve, while cramming her deep throat with her stud’s hard prick! They shift onto the couch where he spoons that absolutely stunning light-skinned bombshell’s tight asshole! Enjoy some incredible pussy gapes during a wild reverse cowgirl ride and hear her moan ecstatically while being double penetrated by both big hard cocks! That voracious chick can’t get enough rod up her ass and bends forward for that final anus penetration, before Steve blows his cum on her butt crack and her boyfriend shoots a load of jizz all over her gorgeous face!
Наказал юную няньку / Kylie Page (Bad Babysitter) (2016) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 22-07-2016, 12:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 54 | Сиды: 5 | Размер: 285.24 Mb

Название: Bad Babysitter
Жанр: All Sex, Oral, Big Tits, Teen
В ролях: Kylie Page
Продолжительность: 00:35:27

Описание: Kylie Page is your typical bad babysitter, putting the everyone to bed early so she can get herself off. Unfortunately she is interrupted when their stepfather Keiran comes home early. Kylie refuses to go home until she gets paid, so Keiran pulls out some cash and gives her the chance to earn some real money with her big titties and wet pussy.
Отдых в горах / Aliyah (Stretching In The Mountains) (2016) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 22-07-2016, 12:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 36 | Сиды: 3 | Размер: 288.47 Mb

Название: Stretching In The Mountains
Жанр: All Sex, Oral
В ролях: Aliyah
Продолжительность: 00:20:15

Описание: Aliyah is in the mountains having a very relaxing weekend. The birds are singing, the weather is clement and there's nowhere else she'd rather be... especially since her man is there with her. She stretches her long bare legs on the patio, admiring her own cute feet. Csoky brings her coffee and she wraps her legs onto him, eager for him to suck her polished toes which are soon to massage his erect cock.
Здоровый член к утреннему кофе / Alexis Brill (The Thought That Matters) (2016) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 22-07-2016, 12:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 20 | Сиды: 0 | Размер: 359.26 Mb

Название: The Thought That Matters
Жанр: All Sex, Oral
В ролях: Alexis Brill
Продолжительность: 00:25:12

Описание: Alexis Brill is in the middle of leaving Csoky a surprise note on his home office desk for later and he catches her in the act! 'Drop your weapon, love,' he tells her. Alexis giggles and moves on to better things. It's the intention that counts after all, isn't it? The intention here was to make him feel loved, and Alexis is about to get her share of that too.
Tory Lane - Дивы с огромными сиськами / Double D Divas (2005) DVDRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 22-07-2016, 08:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 10 | Сиды: 0 | Размер: 302 Mb

Название: Сцена из "Дивы с огромными сиськами / Double D Divas"
Жанр: Gonzo, Anal, Big Tits, Deep Throat, Facial, Oral, Blowjob, Cumshots
В ролях: Tory Lane, Anthony Hardwood
Продолжительность: 00:22:53

Описание: So by that count you know there's more than the average action generally found in a porn scene. Undeniably gorgeous and this scene ranks possibly among the best she's been in. Which brings the subject around to the estimable Tory Lane who scores another impressive showing for Defiance/Torrid. This time Lane, after accomplishing a sultry tease/dance on a stripper pole, pairs up with Anthony Hardwood, and the question is who's more psycho when the buttons are being pushed. Hardwood chokes Tory, and she chokes right back with both performers generating more perspiration than the NBA finals. There's also some very impressive butt fucking with Lane performing the requisite ATM's.
Ivana Sugar - Ivana Sugar's Wake Up Anal Romance (2016) WEBRip 720p
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 22-07-2016, 04:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 34 | Сиды: 3 | Размер: 476.61 Mb

Название: Ivana Sugar's Wake Up Anal Romance
Жанр: Gonzo, Anal, Barely Legal, Oral, Blowjob, Russian Girls
В ролях: Ivana Sugar
Продолжительность: 00:18:21

Описание: Ivana is in need of some back door loving, so she slips into her most comfortable and sultriest lingerie and wakes up her boyfriend. She knows that he won't need too much incentive to get into the game. She is not wrong. The handsome stud immediately pays back the attentions of the sweet Ukranian goddess with an impressive anal sex session.
Затрахал ненасытную супругу на пару с другом / Mystica Jade (Wife Tries a Threesome With Husband's Friend) (2016) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 22-07-2016, 00:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 29 | Сиды: 2 | Размер: 251.49 Mb

Название: Wife Tries a Threesome With Husband's Friend
Жанр: All Sex, Oral, Anal, DP
В ролях: Mystica Jade
Продолжительность: 00:32:14

Описание: Gorgeous Mystica has found her perfect man. Someone who fulfils her sexually in a way she couldn’t have imagined. But there is one thing missing. She has a fantasy that she has never made reality, and she really wants to know what it would be like to take two men at the same time. When she tells him her deepest desires, surprisingly, he is happy to make her dreams come true. He even suggests a friend who would love to join them for some fun. When the day arrives, she is so wet and ready for this. The take her like she couldn’t have possibly imagine, satisfying her every need and taking her to new heights of ecstasy she could never have dreamed of.
Tiffany Hopkins - Одна ночь в борделе / Une Nuit Au Bordel (2003) HDRip-AVC
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 22-07-2016, 00:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 9 | Сиды: 1 | Размер: 198.24 Mb

Название: Сцена из "Одна ночь в борделе / Une Nuit Au Bordel"
Жанр: Gonzo, Anal, Nurse, Facial, Oral, Blowjob
В ролях: Tiffany Hopkins, Ian Scott
Продолжительность: 00:11:36

Описание: One of the scenes, with known porn star Tiffаny Hoрkins. Here she plays the role of passionately voluptuous masseuse, which eliminates the stress of his client with the help of five treatments: therapeutic massage, sexual stimulation of the tongue and breasts, blowjob, vaginal and anal sex.
Lily Love - Perks Of Being A Nurse (2016) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 21-07-2016, 20:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 28 | Сиды: 6 | Размер: 531.72 Mb

Название: Perks Of Being A Nurse
Жанр: MILF&Mature, Gonzo, Big Tits, Big Dick, Doctor/Nurse, Uniform, Pantyhose
В ролях: Lily Love
Продолжительность: 00:35:00

Описание: Nurse Lily may seem sweet and innocent, but whenever she comes across a patient with a big dick she gets so excited. Thinking Mr. Lawless is in a catatonic state, she greedily sucks his cock before hiking up her skirt and taking it deep in her pussy. What she doesn't realize is her patient is wide awake and enjoying every second of this special treatment!
Asa Akira - Breast in class 2: Counterfeit racks (2011) DVDRip-AVC
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 21-07-2016, 20:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 11 | Сиды: 1 | Размер: 782.86 Mb

Название: Сцена из "Breast in class 2: Counterfeit racks"
Жанр: Gonzo, Anal, Threesomes, Asian, Deep Throat, Facial, Oral, Blowjob
В ролях: Asa Akira, Erik Everhard, Mr. Pete
Продолжительность: 00:45:12

Описание: We open with Asa who had such a big year last year and has shown no signs of slowing down in 2011. Sexy outfit here and Asa knows the poses fans want to see and our shooter does a good job capturing them as Asa also uses those eyes to lure us in as the hands start to explore her body. Good shots too lingering on her breats as she works them out and it makes since as this is a movie celebrating enhanced tits it's a great idea to show them off up close and personal. So after the good solid tease we need a cock for Asa, well how about two to make it even better. Mr. Pete and Erik Everhard get on either side of Miss Akira and start in kissing and touching around her body. Leave it to Erik to be the first to go muff diving and he adds in a tongue lick or two on Asa's ass which will see some good action I'm guessing later in the scene. The cocks start to come in and Asa is all over them when they are thrust towards her open mouth-- gack, gack, gack is heard loud and clear. It's my least fave style bj but Asa is very good at getting skull fucked and she's got two guys that are perfect in face fucking in this fashion. The boys start to nail that pussy too and don't take it easy either pounding her cookie with Asa getting nice and vocal as the scene goes on. They tease her ass a bit but finally Pete slips in for a good looking cowgirl anal. Great to see them work in pile driver anal too and Asa is almost screaming/ losing her breath here as they drill her butt. After over 45 minutes of pussy pounding and ass testing the guys start dropping their loads to Asa's face/ mouth. I'd say she more than met the challenge in this scene.
Ayda Swinger, Aisha - Sexy Swingers (2016) HD 720p
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 21-07-2016, 20:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 29 | Сиды: 3 | Размер: 1.05 Gb

Название: Sexy Swingers
Жанр: Group Sex, Big Ass, Big Boobs, Blowjob, Handjob, Tittyfuck, Cum on Tits, Facial
В ролях: Aisha, Ayda Swinger, Choky Ice, Jj Tony
Продолжительность: 00:35:55

Описание: Ayda Swinger and Aisha came for a Euro sex party. Ayda had some big juicy jugs and Aisha had a a luscious ass. They undressed and showed off their sexy bodies. Soon after, the pussy eating, sucking and fucking started up. The girls got their sweet pussies pounded and got that man juice all over them. Ayda got that cum all over her huge tits and Aisha got it all over her pretty face.
Chanel Preston - Фанатки Анала 2 / Anal Fanatic 2 (2011) DVDRip-AVC
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 21-07-2016, 16:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 13 | Сиды: 3 | Размер: 408.62 Mb

Название: Сцена из "Фанатки Анала 2 / Anal Fanatic 2"
Жанр: Gonzo, Anal, Big Boobs, Toys, Deep Throat, Oral, Blowjob
В ролях: Chanel Preston, Mick Blue
Продолжительность: 00:32:02

Описание: Our next scene takes us outside right next to the pool with water spouts shooting the liquid high into the air. We don't have to look hard to find Chanel who is the center of attention fairly quickly. Nice lavender colored bikini and we don't have to wait long before the zoom in shots capture that fine ass. The good shots keep cumming as Miss Preston loses the top allowing us a full on shot of her boobs, nice hard nipples. Looks like Chanel will make use a glass toy as well to ready her butt but not before sucking on it a bit and then slipping it inside her tush. The close shots were nice and continue when we take the action inside, Chanel making good use of the toy and she pipes in with some dirty talk, the first of the dvd. Mick then joins and gets a great birds eye view from above looking down on Chanel's ass. Mick replaces the toy with his tongue and I'm all for watching some ass licking more so with g/g but Mick's good with the oral pleasing whether it's to her ass or to her pussy so I'm down with that too. Mick then pushes her legs back nearly to Chanel's head as he goes back in for more plus we get some strong fingering action, I think Chanel liked this judging from her vocal work. Mick keeps this up even as Chanel's working his cock out, bending down we get a full front shot of her face as she engulfs him. We bypass the pussy altogether here as Mick goes right to nailing Chanel's ass doggiestyle. There is some good face fucking A2M too from Chanel here. Some more more anal pounding and it's time to unload, a good facial for Chanel who is doing better and better in her anal scenes.
Чудесный отдых на природе / Angelika Wild, Terri Summers (2005) DVDRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 21-07-2016, 16:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 12 | Сиды: 1 | Размер: 269.1 Mb

Название: Angelika Wild, Terri Summers (сцена из"Private XXX 25: Wanna Fuck")
Жанр: All Sex, Oral, Anal, Big Tits
В ролях: Angelika Wild, Terri Summers
Продолжительность: 00:19:30

Описание: Выбравшись ряно утроим из тесной палатки, парнишка застыл, пораженный открывшейся ему картиной. Две очаровательные девчушки, вытащившие его на природу, предавались безудержному лесбийскому разврату. Увидев же, что в их компаниии пополнение, симпатяги тигрицами накинулись на пацанский член, быстро привели его в рабочее состояние, после чего принялись долго и настойчиво пихать этот суперприз во все свои дырки...
Katsuni - Попрошайки спермы 2 / Cum Beggars 2 (2005) WEBRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 21-07-2016, 16:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 5 | Сиды: 1 | Размер: 487.18 Mb

Название: Сцена из "Попрошайки спермы 2 / Cum Beggars 2"
Жанр: Gonzo, Anal, Double Penetration, Asian, Toys, Facial, Oral, Blowjob
В ролях: Katsuni aka Katsumi, Pat Myne, Mick Blue
Продолжительность: 00:27:36

Описание: Ok we get to begin with this Asian goddess and I mean she's is so hot and fun to watch on camera. Katsuni does a nice job with the tease here and you see a few playful smiles cross her cute face as she plays with her pussy. A toy is also used to help get her motor running. I enjoyed the close ups we got of Katsuni's body, damn she's hot! The views get even better when we move to the POV blowjob, who wouldn't want those gorgeous eyes starring up at him while this woman engulfed your cock! Katsuni then moves to another room where another eager cocksmen awaits. So we get two men tag teaming Katsuni and she excels so well at this type action. Good visuals all around and the sex was top notch including the anal and dp's we got. The ending sees the guys unload mightily on her face and there's some good cleanup by Katsuni. Another solid scene from this lady.
Lovenia Lux - Mike's Apartment. Loving Lux (2016) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 21-07-2016, 12:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 18 | Сиды: 3 | Размер: 468.38 Mb

Название: Mike's Apartment. Loving Lux
Жанр: Russian, Anal, Ass Worship, 18+Teens, Blowjob, Doggystyle, Cumshot
В ролях: Lovenia Lux, James Brossman
Продолжительность: 00:32:45

Описание: Straight from St.Petersburg, Russia we bring you LoveniaLux. This Russian beauty had no english skills at all so we needed a translator to give this babe the special MikesApartment deal. So I call my friend Ishvan and we get to translating our demands. By the time Ishvan is done talking to her, Lovenia Lux has a grin from ear to ear. The free rent is a complete pussy magnet and besides, Russian girls are total freaks, I never doubted it for a second!
Восхитительный очкодёр / Savana Styles (Buttfucker's Delight) (2016) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 21-07-2016, 12:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 36 | Сиды: 0 | Размер: 305.08 Mb

Название: Buttfucker's Delight
Жанр: All Sex, Oral, Big Tits, Anal
В ролях: Savana Styles
Продолжительность: 00:37:55

Описание: Nobody enjoys a proper buttfucking more than the lovely Savana Styles. Today Savana will be getting railed by the enormous appendage of one Daniel D, himself a master in the mystic art of ferocious buttfucking. Prepare to cum.
Устроила мощное порево рядом со спящим мужем / Nicole Aniston Bent Over and Plowed (2016) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 21-07-2016, 12:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 49 | Сиды: 8 | Размер: 219.05 Mb

Название: Nicole Aniston Bent Over and Plowed
Жанр: All Sex, Oral, Big Tits
В ролях: Nicole Aniston
Продолжительность: 00:27:00

Описание: Рассматривая снятуя для отдыха хату, фигуристая сучка конкретно строила глазки молодому хозяину. Едва же муж, утомленный долгим переездом, решил вздремнуть, совсем слетевшая с катушек от жажды члена шалава принялась наставлять ему рога прямо на диванчике, рядом с дрыхнущим телом...
Познакомилась с соседом бойфренда / Subil Arch (My Boyfriend's Roommate) (2016) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 21-07-2016, 12:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 17 | Сиды: 3 | Размер: 407.72 Mb

Название: My Boyfriend's Roommate
Жанр: All Sex, Oral, Big Tits
В ролях: Subil Arch
Продолжительность: 00:24:54

Описание: Ждала бойфренда у него на хате, но легко согласилась скоротать время на члене его соседа...
Klaudia Hot - Therapy Thru Her Rear (2014) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 21-07-2016, 08:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 27 | Сиды: 3 | Размер: 241.27 Mb

Название: Therapy Thru Her Rear
Жанр: Gonzo, Anal, BDSM, Toys, Big Butt, Deep Throat, Oral, Blowjob, Creampie
В ролях: Klaudia Hot, Nick Lang
Продолжительность: 00:24:18

Описание: We wonder what Dr. Freud would have thought of how psychoanalysis has changed since his heyday in the early-to-middle 1900s. Would he have stroked his trademark beard in surprise (or anything else in arousal) when watching Dr. Nick Lang use a radical approach to patient Klaudia Hot as detailed in our new kinky roleplay scene? Soon falling asleep on the analytic couch, Klaudia awakes to find herself bound hand and foot by her analyst, who silences her protests with his right hand over her mouth and his left hand up her skirt. Soon he replaces his mitt with his meat in this Full HD BDSM scene packed with extreme sex, cramming her face and then licking her ass crack to prepare it for further therapy... Therapy, that is, in the form of his cock plunging into her bottom, even as he has her lick a magic wand vibrator. Later he stuffs her discarded blue panties into her mouth, then gets her on top of his dick so she can ride him like an anal cowgirl. Clearly this anal-yst believes that creaming on his patient’s asshole will be more therapeutic than discussing her dreams!
Aletta Ocean - Treats for the fan! (2013) WEB-DL 1080p
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 21-07-2016, 04:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 14 | Сиды: 3 | Размер: 989.38 Mb

Название: Treats for the fan!
Жанр: Gonzo, Anal, Big Tits, Tits Fuck, Oral, Facial, Blowjob
В ролях: Aletta Ocean, Keiran Lee
Продолжительность: 00:22:19

Описание: Toby is a devoted fan of Aletta, following her everywhere she goes around the world. For his dedication and love, Aletta decides to give him a chance to spend some time with hisr beloved "goddess", her. Aletta invites the man over to her house and... but don't let us tell everything, watch it yourself.
Belle Claire, Francys Belle - 8on2 Belle Factor, Part 1 (2016) HD 720p
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 21-07-2016, 00:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 60 | Сиды: 8 | Размер: 1.93 Gb

Название: 8on2 Belle Factor, Part 1
Жанр: Group Sex, Hardcore, Interracial, Anal, DP, DAP, Triple Penetration, Ass to Mouth, Ass Gape
В ролях: Belle Claire, Francys Belle
Продолжительность: 00:58:01

Описание: Две девахи, восемь мужиков и жестокий трах во все дыры!
Jayden Jaymes - Принцессы Шлюхи Амазонки / Amazon Whore Princesses (2011) DVDRip-AVC
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 21-07-2016, 00:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 11 | Сиды: 0 | Размер: 393.6 Mb

Название: Сцена из "Принцессы Шлюхи Амазонки / Amazon Whore Princesses"
Жанр: Gonzo, MILF, Big Boobs, Facial, Oral, Blowjob, Cumshots
В ролях: Jayden Jaymes, Derrick Pierce
Продолжительность: 00:23:35

Описание: What You Need to Know: Amazon Whore Princesses is a pretty standard compilation. The action is all simple and straightforward, both in its chemistry and its style. The action is nicely captured, but as usual with Jordan Septo it's never flashy or artistic, and just sits back to let the performers do their thing. Jayden Jaymes and Phoenix Marie were the biggest draw for me to check this one out, and although they turned out decent scenes here they were nothing overly special and I've seen much better from them elsewhere. Amazon Whore Princesses comes out above average sexually, but ends up coming in quite low for me due to it feeling like a deliberate attempt to mask a compilation release as a fresh release.
Большая радость узкоглазой очаровашки / Serika (Want Him All To Myself) (2016) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 20-07-2016, 20:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 16 | Сиды: 0 | Размер: 200.82 Mb

Название: Want Him All To Myself
Жанр: All Sex, Oral
В ролях: Serika
Продолжительность: 00:23:29

Описание: Буквально на ремне притащив членастого мальчугана в свою спальню, узкоглазая очароваха спроворила ему толковый минетик, после чего долго и с наслаждением скакала на его большой шняге.

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