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В зеркале / Jessica, Summer (In The Mirror) (2015) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 9-02-2015, 19:46 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 0 | Сиды: 1 | Размер: 195.45 Mb

Название: In The Mirror
Жанр: Lesbians
В ролях: Jessica, Summer
Продолжительность: 00:11:18

Описание: Jessica and Summer have been lusting for one another since they danced ballet together years ago. Finally their fantasies cum true as they lick and finger fuck one another into oblivion. This lesbian sex is beautiful and passionate -- some of the best yet! And the orgasms are real and intense...just so damn HOT. Cum see what I mean, the girls won't mind a third hot body in the room.
Благодарность отпадной девчонки / Cindy (A Very Special Gratitude) (2015) HD 720p
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 9-02-2015, 19:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 0 | Сиды: 1 | Размер: 274.64 Mb

Название: A Very Special Gratitude
Жанр: All Sex, Oral, Teen
В ролях: Cindy (aka Sheri Vi, Divina)
Продолжительность: 00:19:17

Описание: Cindy is a special young lady who knows what she wants from a man and can give back so much sensual desire. She looks smoking hot in her black erotic lingerie set and a little gift from her rich friend gets her in a perfect mood for some passionate lovemaking. Her every kiss feels special and once she locks her lips on cock she just doesn’t wanna let go. Oh, this lucky dude fucks her so hard cuz you just can’t go slow with such a delicious beauty.
На даче с толпой красоток / Alyssa A, Maria Pie, Nomi, Vanessa (Girls Will Be Girls) (2015) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 9-02-2015, 19:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 0 | Сиды: 0 | Размер: 432.55 Mb

Название: Girls Will Be Girls
Жанр: Masturbation, Lesbians, Softcore
В ролях: Alyssa A, Maria Pie, Nomi, Vanessa
Продолжительность: 00:26:28

Описание: Понимая, что с такой толпой, хоть и очень красивых, моделек ему попросту не справиться, парнишка лишь подливал им шампусика и смотрел, как оттягиваются эти длинноногие прошмандовки, завалившие в гости к нему на дачу.
Любительское на кожаном диване

Любительское на кожаном диване

Убойная латиночка / Reyna Arriaga (Latin Flair) (2015) HD 720p
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 9-02-2015, 19:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 1 | Сиды: 0 | Размер: 167.91 Mb

Название: Latin Flair
Жанр: Beauty, Latinas, Teen, Solo
В ролях: Reyna Arriaga
Продолжительность: 00:08:17

Описание: Amateur Reyna Arriaga has some serious Latin flair in this set from photographer Holly Randall. Petite and all natural, with dark brown hair and eyes, Reyna may seem shy at first – but don’t be fooled, because this little lady knows what she’s got, and she’s definitely not afraid to use it. “Men find me more attractive when I speak Spanish,” she says, smiling devilishly. “That’s because I like to whisper in their ears and say cosas sucias – that means dirty things!” Reyna is very sexy, but she’s not above being silly – sometimes, as a joke, she tells her paramours she left the kettle on, in Spanish, and they’re just as turned on. “Lots of guys don’t know the difference,” she giggles. “It’s the accent that turns them on!” Get turned on with Amateur Reyna Arriaga, right here on Playboy Plus.
Грудастенькая мусульманка / Ada (Cream Filled Middle Eastern) (2015) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 9-02-2015, 19:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 0 | Сиды: 0 | Размер: 591.97 Mb

Название: Cream Filled Middle Eastern
Жанр: All sex
В ролях: Ada
Продолжительность: 00:31:35

Описание: Ada is a foreign exchange student from the Middle East looking for a place to stay, in exchange for some housework...
Sin City - Авиаротика / Airotica (1996) DVDRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 9-02-2015, 19:15 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 3 | Сиды: 0 | Размер: 1.45 Gb

Название: Авиаротика / Airotica
Жанр: Feature, Couples, Classic, Gonzo, Anal, Straight, Big Tits, Group, Blowjob, Facial
В ролях: Lisa Ann, Missy, Anna Malle, Jacklyn Lick, Tiffany, Alex Sanders, Colt Steel, John Decker, Michael Hurt, Mickey G., Mike Horner, Vince Vouyer, Eric Edwards
Продолжительность: 01:22:23

Описание: A chartered 747 on a midnight flight to N.Y. A billionaire playboy, his oversexed wife, and a group of passengers are about to blast off on a turbo charged sexual joyride into the stratosphere, where anything goes and the sky's the limit!
Частное сексуальной девушки

Частное сексуальной девушки

Именитый проктолог и пианисточка / Stevie Shae (Playing the piano while getting banged bro!) (2015) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 9-02-2015, 15:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 0 | Сиды: 0 | Размер: 392.79 Mb

Название: Playing the piano while getting banged bro!
Жанр: All sex
В ролях: Stevie Shae
Продолжительность: 00:50:58

Описание: Did it ever cross your mind that Stevie Shae could play the piano? No? Well she does. I'll tell you what else she does. She fucks like a demon! This girl is hot hot hot. All natural, I mean ALL natural. Tits, Ass, all of it. If you don't watch this girl get railed, you are a lost cause and need to get your head evaluated.
Частное блондинки с силиконовыми сиськами

Частное блондинки с силиконовыми сиськами

Remy LaCroix - Симпатяжки 3 / Cuties 3 (2012) DVDRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 9-02-2015, 15:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 0 | Сиды: 0 | Размер: 298.79 Mb

Название: Сцена из "Cuties 3"
Жанр: Gonzo, Anal, Straight, Oral, Blowjob, Young 18+
В ролях: Remy LaCroix, Mr. Pete
Продолжительность: 00:23:45

Описание: This next scene takes us poolside and this young lady hails from the Bay area. Mason asks how she was in high school and Remy is forthcoming letting us know she was a 4 year choir girl but she also had her freaky side even fucking a boyfriend atop a piano in the choir room-- I don't think Glee ever shot this type of scene! Remy lets us know she is into the freakier things like hair pulling and even better news for us anal sex is something she enjoys. Going inside she's joined by Mr. Pete who Remy knows having worked with him already. Remy also has done a full on gang bang scene for KINK so you know she can throw down. Nothing that hard core today but still some great action for sure. Pete pulls the shorts off revealing a superb ass, great bubble shape to Remy's bottom. Pete has her rise up and put that pussy right over his face and we get more ass footage as he licks away and spanks her a couple times. The fucking gets going with a super good cowgirl shot followed nicely by an open view for the doggie pounding. From that we do indeed get some anal love first in spoon and thankfully we do revisit the cowgirl shot before the scene is over. The only thing this scene was missing was Remy sucking his cock. There was some oral from her in the scene but the balance was tilted way towards the fucking in this scene and the oral side both for her and especially for Pete was lacking. Still the anal sex was quite good and resulted in a real good facial pop for Remy.
Частное на кухне

Частное на кухне

Плохие девчонки / Bad Girls (1981) DVDRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 9-02-2015, 15:15 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 7 | Сиды: 0 | Размер: 1.22 Gb

Название: Плохие девчонки / Bad Girls
Жанр: Feature, Classic, Straight, Gonzo, Lesbian, Oral, Blowjob, Group
В ролях: Copper Penny (as Donna Ferguson), Erica Johnston (as Eurica Johnson), Anna Ventura (as Jasmine du Bai), Lee Caroll (as Lee Carol), Lenora Bruce, Leslie Winston, Lisa Lang, Pia Snow, Sylvia Benedict, Victoria Knoll, Kevin James (as Gene DuQuene), John Leslie, Michael Snow, Mike Feline, Mike Ranger, Randy West, Richard Pacheco, Ron Jeremy, (NonSex Performers: Mei Ling (as Jennifer Wright), Lisa Moore (as Liza Moore), John Handler)
Продолжительность: 01:22:32

Описание: When they were good, they were very good, but when they were bad, they were better! Everyone loves to be turned on and we all know that the tease or foreplay is the essence of eroticism. Now there is a movie that has teasing and tantalizing situations extensively developed prior to any lovemaking scenes. Four stunningly beautiful girls never before seen on an adult screen in the greatest tease movie ever.
Частное молоденькой

Частное молоденькой

Труднейший экзамен / Monique Alexander (The Hardest Exam) (2015) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 9-02-2015, 11:46 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 0 | Сиды: 1 | Размер: 198.12 Mb

Название: The Hardest Exam
Жанр: All sex
В ролях: Monique Alexander
Продолжительность: 00:33:54

Описание: Jessy Jones would have flunked out of ZZ Academy years ago if not for his father the Dean bailing him out all the time. Monique Alexander is sick of the favoritism, and wants to make sure he fails his last exam, so she turns to the one tactic that never fails her: seduction! Stripping down to nothing but a pair of sexy stockings, Monique rubs her pussy until she's dripping wet, than pulls out Jessy's big cock and starts giving him head right there on the desk! Concentration finally broken, Jessy abandons his academic pursuits in favor of fucking Monique's perfect pink pussy!
Посмотрели киношку / Tia Layne & Tina Hot (Movie Night) (2015) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 9-02-2015, 11:46 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 0 | Сиды: 1 | Размер: 239.09 Mb

Название: Movie Night
Жанр: All sex, Anal
В ролях: Tia Layne & Tina Hot
Продолжительность: 00:41:04

Описание: Max Doods was just trying to get his freak on with his girl Tina Hott, but the poor sap was too damn shy to make a move! Lucky for him, his mom's friend Tia Layne is a big titted MILF who loves to show inexperienced couples just how it's done! She started by sucking and stroking Max's fat dick until it was hard as a rock, and then she passed it off to Tina so she could get a taste and practice her blowjob skills. Once Tina's pussy was dripping wet, Tia ate her out while Max fucked that tight MILF pussy! The last lesson Tia showed them was the best one yet: anal sex with Tina's incredible round bubble butt!
Личное телки без комплексов

Личное телки без комплексов

Оттрахали девку / Felicia Kiss (2015) SiteRip
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 9-02-2015, 11:45 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 0 | Сиды: 1 | Размер: 374.74 Mb

Название: Оттрахали девку
Жанр: All sex, 3some
В ролях: Felicia Kiss
Продолжительность: 00:45:19

Описание: Felicia Kiss is a cute newcomer with a round butt and beautiful natural boobs. This is her first ever threesome, she gets a double vaginal creampie.
Digital Playground - Плохие девчонки 7 / Bad Girls 7 (2011) DVDRip-AVC
Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 9-02-2015, 03:15 | Комментариев: 0
Пиры: 1 | Сиды: 1 | Размер: 1.45 Gb

Название: Плохие девчонки 7 / Bad Girls 7
Жанр: Gonzo, Straight, Anal, Big Tits, Oral, Blowjob, Star-Power
В ролях: Jesse Jane, Lexi Belle, Jayden Jaymes, Stoya, Franziska Facella, Alanah Rae, James Deen, Manuel Ferrara, Scott Nails
Продолжительность: 02:36:50

Описание: They have no shame. Beautiful and nasty Jesse Jane sucks and swallows hard members with sexy, insatiable, bad girl Stoya. The naughty sluts are back for more cock banging action, jerking off hung studs and licking up thick eruptions. Wild and horny hot chicks, Alanah Rae, Franziska Facella, Lexi Belle and Jayden Jaymes spread wide, dripping wet for deep drilling from James Deen, Manuel Ferrara and Scott Nails. These girls have no limits on how far they take their perverted needs. Rack 'em up and score big with orgasmic explosions.
Любительские фото снятые в одной из гостиниц Львова

Любительские фото снятые в одной из гостиниц Львова

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