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Большие сиськи в спорте 10 / Big Tits In Sports 10 (2012) DVDRip

Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 12-08-2012, 17:34 | Комментариев: 0
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Название: Big Tits In Sports 10
Жанр: BigTits, Gonzo
В ролях: Julia Ann, Francesca Le, Courtney Cummz, Amber Ashlee, Emmanuelle London, Breanna Sparks, Danny, Jordan, Mick, Tony Ribas
Продолжительность: 01:10:34 + 01:03:19 + 00:57:42

Описание: Hyper Spaz Tits Workout – Julia Ann is a hyper fitness freak putting together an edgy workout DVD. Once she spots Tony Ribas in the gym, she comes up with a new idea for the DVD. She puts her tits into action and sweats herself into a sexy frenzy! The Tie Breaker Tit Shaker – Courtney has been training her heart out for an upcoming track meet. Courtney will do whatever it takes to win and promises Coach Mick that she’ll blow more than just his whistle! Monday Night BWF – Francesca Le recently lost her title because of Jordan. It’s a crazy world, and now she’s pissed. She’s gonna teach Jordan a lesson. Time to kick some ass! And suck some dick…and have sex with Jordan. Coach’s Boner – It’s raining and Emmanuelle invites Danny over to her place so they can go over some drills. In particular, the drilling of her tight pussy by his enormous cock. Beat My Baton – Amber’s career hits a snag when, for the first time in her life when she comes n second. Lucky for her, Coach Nails knows exactly what she needs to get back to her winning ways. Sex!

Формат: AVI
Качество: DVDRip
Видео: XviD, ~ 1300 Kbps, 576x320, 16:9
Аудио: MP3, 165 Kbps, 2 channels

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Размер: 2.04 Gb
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