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Конченная шлюха / Jenna Lovely - The Ultimate Cum Slut (2012) HD 1080p

Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 14-09-2012, 00:45 | Комментариев: 0
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Название: The Ultimate Cum Slut
Жанр: Blouses, Lesbian, Messy, Wet, Hardcore
В ролях: Jenna Lovely
Продолжительность: 00:22:18

Описание: Jenna Lovely proves that she's the ultimate cum slut in this SlimeWave update...it's as simple as that. This chick was measuring a space on her bedroom wall in order to see if some new furniture would fit properly, but in the process she sees a cock sticking out a gloryhole in her wall, and from there she forgets all about her task at hand, and takes that cock right into her hands! This blond Barbie looking hottie is dressed to the max in a super sexy green blouse and shiny purple skirt, but as soon as that cock starts blasting her with cum she's a nice shade of creamy white all over! This chick is obsessed with cum, the more the better, and as she gets more and more drenched she gets hornier and hornier, playing with her creamy pussy, shoving that gloryhole cock in her pussy, and even getting sprayed deep into her mouth, overflowing and spilling out of her slutty face! This chick isn't leaving until she's totally cum satisfied, and with the liter after liter of cum, SlimeWave is always bringing you know she'll reach her own point of creaming up at the lips before this bedroom cum storm is over!

Формат: MP4
Качество: 1080p
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920x1080 25fps 7027 Kbps[Video]
Аудио: AAC 44100Hz stereo [Audio]

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Размер: 1.1 Gb
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