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Пикапер / The Pickup Player (2011) HDTVRip 720p

Опубликовал: xxxhall | Размещено: 26-06-2011, 20:15 | Комментариев: 0
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Общая информация о торретне
Название: The Pickup Player
Жанр: Feature
В ролях: Kylee Reese, McKenzie Lee, Vickie Chase, Asa Akira, Alexia Rae, Candice Nicole, Danny Mountain, Jay Rock, Rocco Reed & Xander Corvus
Продолжительность: 01:57:29

Описание: Welcome to the Penthouse school for scoring the hottest XXX hardcore pussy! Cum and learn the real art of the “pick up”! Not only will you get the girl—you’ll get some head! Our “Pickup Player”, Danny Mountain demonstrates his pussy magnet status by taking a girl (Kylee Reese) for coffee, then blowing his load inside her! McKenzie Lee & Vicki Chase get picked up in the park then plowed hot & hard back at home for a xxx hardcore threesome. Two girls sucking on your cock is always better than one! Some girls just need a little push...Asa Akira goes cock wild! She’s one bucking beauty when she’s riding you reverse cowgirl style! Learn how to read a woman’s sexual signals then watch Alexia Rae get exactly what she wants…to be bent over with a hard cock in her pussy! It’s all about the booty with Candice Nicole! First you’ll want to worship her ass then drop a load in between her luscious lips!

Формат: MKV
Качество: HDTVRip
Видео: 1280x720, 5135 kpbs, x264, 16/9
Аудио: АC3, 192 kbps, stereo

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Размер: 4.37 Gb
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